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A Unique Disability Policy for an Oral Surgeon or Dentist

Banks often require oral surgeons and dentists to have disability coverage for their loans. Why? The reason is because if they can’t work, then there is no revenue and therefore no loan payments.

Often, the oral surgeon or dentist will simply assign his personal disability policy to the bank. How tragic if a disability actually happens!! Not only is the dentist out of work and needing the money from the disability policy, but the bank has also attached itself to the monthly check from the policy. In the end, it is the family who suffers.

Loan disability coverage is very inexpensive when compared with the personal income coverage. In the event of a disability, 100% of the distribution can go to the family because the business loan is paid by the business policy.

These policies are good for any kind of business loan.

If you are interested in a disability policy for this purpose or for any purpose, please contact Forrest DeBuys at (205) 918-1515 or for more information.

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