Physicians & Surgeons

As Medical Malpractice Insurance specialists, we offer you, the Florida physician, the finest professional liability coverage, the most competitive prices, and the wise counsel you deserve. We handle insurance programs for over 2,000 Florida Healthcare Professionals all across the state-and have for over 30 years. We are large enough to have “clout” with companies to negotiate for you, but we are small enough to give you the individual and undivided attention you need.

The insurance agency with which a physician places his insurance is a very big decision. There are many of us out there. Some are big, some are little. Some advertise a lot. Some are quieter. How do you decide?

At the risk of “tooting our own horn”, we submit the following thoughts to you as to why you should choose us:

Gracey-Backer, Inc. was established in 1925.

Why is that important? Because we have been around a long time – to experience ups and downs in the market, to solve many, many problems for our clients, to gain a reputation that defines us, and to gain advanced efficiencies with the latest technologies.

Gracey-Backer, Inc. is physician-centered.

Our mantra is that we do the right thing for every client every year. We tell you the truth. We shop your account. We are not married to one company. Doctors trust us as a result.

Gracey-Backer, Inc. has a large book of physician business.

That means we have “clout” with out companies. We can negotiate for you.

Gracey-Backer, Inc. is a full-service agency.

This means we can handle all your business. This means that things don’t fall through the cracks because no one is minding your accounts. This means that your life is made simpler because all your insurance is in one place. Malpractice, workers comp, office, personal insurance – we have specialists in each.

Each of our clients is given an Account Executive who handles the day-to-day business of your account.

Our clients build long-term relationships with our insurance professionals. Most of our Account Executives have advanced insurance designations. They have years and years of insurance experience.

We start reviewing your policies 120 days prior to your renewal.

We review your options every year. We “shop” your account with our companies (the best ones in the business). If you wish, we will visit you, set up a conference call, or have a Zoom meeting. We just do the right thing for you every year.