Five Questions to Ask About Boat Insurance

If you own a boat, you want to insure it properly. You don’t want to buy too much Boat Insurance, but, of course, you don’t want to buy too little Boat Insurance. We are some questions to ask your Boat Insurance Agent:

  • Do I really need insurance for my boat? Don’t look to your homeowner’s insurance or your automobile insurance for boat insurance coverage. You need a separate and specialized Boat Insurance Policy to fit your particular boat and your particular boating style.
  • How do I cover my Personal Property? People wonder whether their Homeowner’s Insurance Policy covers their personal property or if they should cover it on their Boat Insurance Policy. The answer is that a quality Boat Insurance Policy will cover items like life vests, water skis and fishing gear, as well as personal property.
  • Do I qualify for discounts on the Boat Insurance Policy? Good discounts are often available on a Boat Policy, such as discounts for insuring more than one boat or watercraft.
  • Is Towing Assistance available on a Boat Insurance Policy? Good Boat Insurance Policies can be endorsed to add towing and assistance coverage. This covers either the cost of fixing the boat at the point of breakdown or the cost of towing the boat to the nearest marina.
  • Can I cover any type of boat on a Boat Insurance Policy? The type of Boat Insurance Policy you purchase is based on many underwriting factors, including the type of boat, your experience, navigational boundaries, etc. Your Boat Insurance agent will discuss various options with you with an eye toward sculpting a custom policy for you.
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Barbara Gracey Backer
Barbara Gracey Backer

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