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If you have ever faced a difficult situation with an employee, you know how quickly it can turn into a lawsuit. Where employees formerly complained around the water fountain, now they hire labor attorneys to go after you and your practice. Whether the issue involves hiring, firing, pay, benefits, contracts, harassment, or just a bad feeling, the effect on your practice can be devastating if the employee seeks legal action.

Gracey-Backer, Inc. is pleased to announce an excellent new Employment Practices Protection Policy from USLI, an A.M. Best rated A++ carrier, owned by Berkshire Hathaway Company. The policy provides Employment Practices Liability including Third Party Discrimination and Third Party Harassment. Defense is outside the limit of liability in most cases, and there is a $250,000 separate limit for Defense Costs for allegations of Patient Molestation. Punitive Damages are covered with the most favorable venue wording included in the definition of Loss.

Supplemental payments for attorney’s fees, and other costs as well as, expenses or fees resulting from the investigation or defense of a proceeding before a state licensing board, local medical board or society, or governmental regulatory body regarding allegations of Patient Molestation, are included.

Independent Contractors are included in the definition of employee.

Human Resource Tools are free with every EPLI policy. If you have ever wondered how to properly terminate an employee, how to document performance issues, or how to ask appropriate interview questions, you will benefit from the Risk management and Human Resources Services provided with unlimited calling time and no time limits on calls.

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