Florida Workers’ Compensation Insurance

The law requires every employer in the US to pay workers’ compensation, which gives benefits to employees in case of work-related incidents. This state-regulated insurance system allows both parties to settle an agreement in case injuries and illnesses at work take place.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance in Florida

Businesses with four or more employees should have Florida workers’ compensation insurance coverage according to law. This will provide benefits to employees, like lost income and the cost of treatment and continuous rehabilitation, if ever they encounter work-related illnesses and injuries. In return, employers under the Employers’ Liability Coverage will receive protection from lawsuits concerning the injured employee. The business will be safe if ever employees file a suit for the pain and suffering incurred in the performance of their job.

Many employers today are including themselves in different coverages regardless of the risk level of their business. Whether you’re a business owner, a physician/surgeon, oral surgeon, or dentist, let our insurance agency provide the Florida workers’ comp insurance you need.

Workers’ Compensation Dividend Plan

Many companies today are offering annual dividends on workers’ compensation policies, especially for good loss experience. A dividend plan is where qualifying employers share the profits of their account with their insurance company. Employers who use this plan will receive compensation in the form of dividend payments, subject to approval by the Board of Directors of the insurance company.

If you’re not with a company that pays dividends, then don’t hesitate to contact us. We represent multiple companies offering dividends, so you won’t miss out on premium savings.

At Gracey Backer Inc. Insurance, we want to protect your business as much as you do. Let our workers’ comp insurance in Florida help you.