Dental Associates and Dental Malpractice Insurance

When you, as a Florida dentist, join an existing practice or clinic, it is very important to review the employment contract to understand your rights and responsibilities regarding group dental malpractice insurance. You should pay special attention to the limits of liability on the dental malpractice policy. You need to understand whether the employer pays the dental malpractice premium or whether you are responsible for paying the dental malpractice premium or whether the group pays a portion of the premium. It is important to take special note of how the dental malpractice insurance is handled once you leave the practice. If you resign or are terminated from the Florida dental practice, who pays the tail premium—you or the practice? If you are insured under a claims-made form of insurance, you will need to understand who is responsible for purchasing the extended reporting endorsement (tail coverage). You, as a Florida dentist, never want to be caught without adequate dental malpractice insurance coverage.

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John Gracey Backer, CPA
John Gracey Backer, CPA

John Gracey Backer, CPA, is the Treasurer of Gracey-Backer, Inc., an Insurance Agency in Delray Beach, Florida specializing in All Lines of Malpractice, Professional and Personal Insurance for the Healthcare Provider. He can be contacted at (561) 404-5828, or at

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