Personal Articles Floater

What is a Personal Articles Floater?

Personal Property Floaters are also known as ScheduledPersonal Property, Personal Property Floater Insurance and other marketing names. In general, the floater policy is written to cover valuables that may or may not be covered under the contents portion of the homeowner’s policy.

The following items are customarily covered by a Personal Articles Floater: jewelry, furs, fine arts, cameras, bicycles, stamp and coin collections, silverware, golf equipment, antiques, guns and musical instruments.

Rates vary by category and are generally not high. For example, it is relatively inexpensive to insure fine arts, but relatively expensive to insure jewelry. An alarm system may be required.

Collections that you keep for a long time should be periodically appraised to determine current value and any subsequent insurance coverage.

Coverage is written on an “all-risk” basis and is worldwide, including coverage for mysterious disappearance. There are generally no deductibles on a Personal Articles Floater.

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