Entity Coverage

Your Fortress Insurance Company policy is an individual professional liability policy. It is designed to defend and indemnify you individually for professional liability (malpractice) claims made against you. If your practice is structured as a 100% owned corporation and there are no other dentists working in your office, Fortress will name your “entity” as an additional insured at no additional cost. In this case, the “entity” should be formally named on your individual policy.

It is important to note that, as an “additional insured”, entities do not have the same degree of coverage that you do as the “individually named insured”. Additional insured entities have coverage only in connection with your individual actions. This means that the entity is only afforded indemnity and defense coverage when you as an individual are also named in the complaint (for alleged malpractice). If a claim should arise where the entity is the only named defendant, and there are independent contractors and/or employed dentists, there is no coverage for the entity under your individual Fortress policy, and you will be placed in the position of personally paying for the defense of the claim as well as a possible judgment.

If you employ associate dentists or have partners or independent contractors in your practice, we recommand purchasing a separate entity malpractice policy from Fortress.