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Medical Malpractice Insurance Market in Florida

Like many industries, the medical malpractice insurance industry is cyclical in nature. Each cycle lasts from two to ten years and is defined as either “hard” or “soft”. Hard markets with higher premiums, more severe losses, and restrictive underwriting, reflect…

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Florida Malpractice Medical

The Florida Malpractice Medical Insurance Market Will Remain “Soft” in the Years Ahead The Florida malpractice medical insurance market remains competitive in 2013. There are several major players in the State of Florida, including The Doctors Company, Medical Protective, Mag…

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Malpractice Insurance for Medical Directors

Medical Directors have more liability exposure than one might think and need to be covered by medical professional liability insurance. Medical Directors wear many hats—credentialing, supervising, overseeing compliance, establishing patient protocols, directing patient care, conducting chart review and other administrative…

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